Sunday, May 5, 2013

not dead yet

wow, i'm the worst at keeping an update schedule apparently. between the holidays, working on various projects and not really drawing much for a while, i havent posted since september *cringe*
but enough excuses, that's not why you're here

wish i had more to show for my 7+ months of not posting, but since i haven't been drawing my aesir characters much recently this is it

first up is a little sketch portrait of Loki

next up is a random doodle of Skade without her coat

and then we have some Skoll. since he always seems to get drawn borderline frightened for his life or just pathetic in general, i thought i'd see what he looked like actually smiling. he still looks rather pathetic lol

and last up is a little something of Loki that showed up in the Sketchbook Project i did at the end of last year. the two-tone hair color isn't really canon anymore since it wouldn't really make sense with the setting, i just wanted to use her original color scheme for the fun of it

Saturday, September 1, 2012


not much of an update this time thanks to moving and doing alot of unrelated doodling.
but we do have this; Hel using electrokinesis. (pose referenced from here)

also because the updates don't really follow the previously mentioned weekly schedule, I'm going to go with monthly updates for now.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

getting back in the swing of things

a slightly random assortment of sketches done while trying to get back in the groove of working on Aesir after a binge of other projects.

the first sketch was me guilt tripping/ poking fun at myself for putzing  around and neglecting my characters and the blog
also, the reason Loki looks younger is because i always imagined her Wraith personality as being younger than the other two, and that she would probably see herself as being younger. that and cute things create even more guilt lol

next are a couple sketches of Hel. the out of character smiley pic was a silly little thing done out of boredom

more Loki.
pose was referenced from:

what's this, Mishka with two arms? partly to make up for the last time i drew him with both arms and because he's actually supposed to have all his limbs during most of the actual story. 

and that's it for tonight

Monday, April 30, 2012

and now back to our reguarly scheduled programming

back to some more serious updates again.
first up, a couple doodles of Mav

next we have Hel as she is now and what her original character design was back when i first made her

Sunday, April 1, 2012

in the name of the moon

because i can't seem to stop drawing my aesir characters as sailor scouts/senshi:

more Huginn and Muninn, the two that started this blasphemy

and a couple newcommers to the madness, Mishka and Nikita. because it makes so much more sense to have the manly russian characters in actual sailor fukus, right?

silly little doodle of Nikita, Huginn, and Muninn's reactions to all this foolishness

for whatever reason, these silly little things seem to be the bulk of my recent aesir sketches, so i'm using april fools day as an excuse to post more of them.

i promise i'll have a real update next time

Sunday, February 26, 2012

a smidge of insanity

somehow i hadn't realized it had been a month since my last post @_@

first up, relevant things;
recently went through and added a couple of tags to posts.

and an older character i have that kind of got abandoned that i'm thinking of reworking for aesir (by which i mean soldat)

and second...
there is no rational explanation for why this exists
got bored the other day and somehow that ended with me drawing Huginn and Muninn as sailor senshi. that's right, unholy sailor moon/aesir crossover insanity
it was more amusing than it should have been lol

Thursday, January 19, 2012

new year, new post

this post is so beyond overdue
i'm bad people

but on to the reason you're here:

first up; working on Skoll's scar/eye a bit

quick head shot of Mav, trying to get him to look how i want him to

random pic of Skade during or after a fight. should go back and to a full body version

random pic of Loki, trying out a slightly different hairstyle for her. and putting her in the shorter variant of the uniform, because i have a tendency to put the girls in the long coat and the guys in the short one for some reason

a couple random sketches. Loki using pyrokinesis, and Hel and Vili together

new faces ahoy.
this is Andrei, he's been around for a while, i could just never decide what he should look like until recently. also, he is a jerk

and a new character. this is Nikita, Nikita is a sniper

I've also been working on the story/plot a bit. i'll post some more about that when i get it re-summarized coherently